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Choosing a Cupola

When choosing a cupola, there are three things to consider: the material, style, and size.

Material: You can choose to have your cupolas made of pine, white cedar, western red cedar, or vinyl.  Pine cupolas will need to be treated (painted or stained) periodically/every few years to protect the wood.  Cedar cupolas can be treated or left to weather naturally.  Vinyl cupolas take less maintenance as they do not need to be treated.

Style: There are three sections to a cupola: the base, the middle section, and the roof.  

  • The base can be smooth and flat-sided with or without trim, slightly flared and flat-sided, or shiplap, with overlapping boards.

  • The middle section can be made with louvers or with glass windows.  

  • The roof can be flat-sided, or with a pagoda-like curve.  It can be covered with copper, aluminum, or steel.  A copper roof left in its natural state will turn green over time but can be treated if you prefer to keep the shiny copper look.  Our aluminum and steel-covered roofs come in a variety of colors.


Size: You want your cupola to be proportionate to the length, size, and height of your building.   A ratio of 1” to 1 ½ “ per foot is most commonly used.  If your building has a 30-foot ridgeline, a 30” to 45” cupola would fit.   

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